The History of 123Movies

The original was first created on March 2017 and has been online for almost 3 years. This domain has gone through many changes and redirects just to continue to stay online and offer everybody the possibility to watch movies and tv series online for free. In the past, used to have an absolutely huge database with tens of thousands of movies and episodes available in HD quality. In the meantime, Google started to disadvantage this type of websites that offers lots of content and soon all our efforts became a work in vain so we had to change.

123Movies in The Present

As we previously said, we had to make some changes here and we decided to keep on our website only the top high quality movies and tv series and of course we are still updating our database daily with latest episodes which are available on within minutes after their release on TV. The movies and tv shows available on our website are part of a special selection that includes only the productions that our visitors likes the most. So for other movies you can use other 123Movies similar website from the list that you'll find down bellow.

The Best 123Movies Alternatives

123Movies has pretty much the same design as the original 123Movies, but with more beautiful colors and an unique logo. The strength of this website is their big collection of movies and tv series where you can find almost every production that you can imagine. Also that's why 123Movies is the first one in our recommendations list. Their database is updated everyday with latest releases of movies and tv series. All the content from this website is available for free in HD quality and without registration. A good fact about 123Movies that caught my attention was the big article posted on the homepage that describes perfectly what means 123Movies and also it offers a short "how to watch" tutorial for those who still have doubts about the process of watching movies on this type of websites. We would like to see this kind of articles on more sites from this niche.
Project Free TV
After WatchSeries has been shutdown, ProjectFreeTV became our favorite TV website. The only reason it is on the second place instead of the first one on our list is they don't offer any movies, just thousands of tv shows available in HD quality. What is the major advantage of this one compared to other similar sites? Their community and the way they interaction with it. On ProjectFreeTV you will find many comments on all episodes from users that viewed them and decided to wrote their opinion or just to ask a question. We appreciate the fact that this website's staff always reads the comments and promptly respond to user's concerns. ProjectFreeTV is updating their database daily with the latest episodes from all your favorite tv shows. No registration is needed on this website so you can watch high quality shows without creating an account.
Putlocker offers a big collection which includes both movies and tv series in HD quality. Also it has daily updates with newest releases so you can watch the latest episodes from your favorite tv shows within just a few minutes after they were released by the network. Putlocker has a similar design with other websites from this niche. It is simple, clean and looks good. Also, it is very easy to find your favorite content by using the searchbox. All the movies and tv shows from PutLockers can be sorted using many types of filters like genres, top IMDb rating, most viewed or even special packs created by the website's editors. There is no need to create an account in order to watch movies on PutLocker, you just have to access the site and everything is instantly available for free. Also we have to mention that this website has ads but you can get rid of them by installing the AdBlock.